Yarmouth Tributaries

Stream Restoration - July 2016

Scope of Work

This project consists of the stabilization of outfalls and stream banks to reduce erosion caused by uncontrolled runoff from Richmond Road and adjacent commercial developments in the Lightfoot area. This project will provide stabilization to the eroding headwater streams in Yarmouth Creek and protect adjacent utilities and properties from undermining due to erosion.

Additionally, this stream restoration will provide significant water quality benefits and contribute to meeting the County’s permit obligations for the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (CBTMDL) requirements.

Status of Project

A preliminary environmental investigation and engineering design has been completed by Stantec/Williamsburg Environmental Group. From the preliminary design, easement drawings were prepared and the affected property owners granted the necessary easements. Stormwater Local Assistance Fund (SLAF) grant application was submitted to the DEQ October 2014. A grant of $170,125 was awarded to James City County for the project. Final engineering plans were reviewed and approved by all agencies. Bids were opened and the contract of $268,224.67 with Henry S. Branscome, LLC was awarded at the March 8, 2016 Board of Supervisors meeting. Work on site began April 4 with sufficient time to have the trees felled prior to the April 15 Northern Long-eared Bat time of year restriction. The stream restoration was substantially on schedule and under budget by the end of June. One remaining task, the installation of plants, will take place in the proper season in Fall 2016. The site is matted and seeded with temporary stabilization.


  • Civil Engineering Design - 100% complete
  • Bidding Phase - Winter 2015/2016
  • Construction - 100% complete


  • $465K
  • Henry S. Branscome, LLC - $268,224.67
  • Contract amount and percent completed - $120,873.03 - 45.0%
  • Stantec/Williamsburg Environmental Group - $77,838
  • Contract amount and percent completed - $58,204 - 74.7%
  • GET Solutions - $3,943
  • Contract amount and percent completed - $219 - 5.5%


  • Preliminary design is complete
  • Grant funding is secured
  • All necessary easements have been obtained
  • Corps of Engineers permit approved
  • Final design is complete
  • Site plan is approved
  • Bids have been received
  • Board awarded contract on March 8
  • Land Disturbing Permit acquired
  • VDOT land use permit approval
  • Construction began April 4
  • Trees felled prior to April 15
  • Stream stabilization work to begin
  • Complete stream stabilization work

Next Steps

  • Plant required plantings

Project Issues

  • The necessary work will need to be performed in an environmentally sensitive area.
  • The project depends on easements from private property owners, which have all been acquired.
  • Northern long-eared bat time of year restrictions.