Fire Station 1

April 2017

Scope of Work

The James City-Bruton Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad in Toano was originally built on the former Toano High School site. The existing fire station will be replaced with a new 21,791-SF station consisting of 5, pull-through, double-loaded apparatus bays for emergency vehicles, an adjacent tower for training and hose drying, a large training room and an adjacent commercial kitchen to serve the public during community meetings. Site improvements include an emergency vehicle return drive aisle, relocated fueling station, relocated metal storage building, additional parking and an improved on-site stormwater management system. 

In addition, built-in training elements throughout the facility will provide on-site training opportunities, minimizing the need for costly off-site training. New administrative offices will be included for the volunteer firefighters, career firefighters and rescue squad. The bunk space will accommodate up to 20 individuals on a typical night. Upon completion of the new facility, the existing station will be razed. This project was designed and will be constructed for U.S. Green Building Council LEED Silver Certification.


  • Architectural Design - Completed
  • Civil Engineering Design - Completed
  • Commissioning Agent - Ongoing
  • Bidding Phase - Completed
  • Construction Phase - Start July 2014


  • $6.3M Approved
  • $6.525M with sale of property
  • Guernsey-Tingle/SCN Architects - $440,659
  • Current payout and percent completed - $417,021.50 - 94.6%
  • AES Consulting Engineers - $96,462
  • Current payout and percent completed - $94,962 - 98.4%
  • A.R. Chesson Construction Co., Inc. - $5,577,553.84
  • Current payout and percent completed - $5,295,946.97 - 95.0%
  • Additional Project Component Expenses - $350,667.56

Land Acquisition

  • Crawford Parcel - $390,000
  • Sale of residence and remaining land - $285,000
  • Additional Services - $1,600.50
Note: Land acquisition is not included in the $6.3M project budget.

Fuel Island Budget

  • $340,000 Approved
  • Jones & Frank Contract - $297,274.81
  • Current payout and percent completed - $282,629.92 - 95.1%
  • Additional Services - $12,329.70
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  • Existing building evaluation completed, design teams selected.
  • Crawford Property land acquisition completed.
  • Planning Commission recommendation and BOS SUP and rezoning approval on October 8, 2013 for the former Crawford Parcel and the JCSA Well Facility.
  • General Contractor selected and contract completed with A.R. Chesson Construction Co., Inc.
  • Site Plan Approval granted July 15, 2014 (JCC Case No. SP-0115-2013).
  • Land Disturbing Permit, VSMP Permit and Building Permit issued.
  • Existing fuel island and underground tanks removed.
  • On-site utilities relocated and tested.
  • LEED construction certification requirements prepared and kick-off meeting held.
  • County sold former Crawford residential property with adjusted boundary lines.
  • Building commissioning completed.
  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy issued July 15, 2016.
  • Fire Department moved into new station on July 22, 2016.
  • Abatement and demolition of Old Fire Station No.1 completed.
  • Final Certificate of Use and Occupancy issued February 9, 2017.

Next Steps

  • Completion of punch list items.
  • Fuel island close-out documentation
  • Building LEED Certification and close-out documentation.