Freedom Park

Phase 4 Improvements: Shelters & Parking - April 2015
Scope of Work
This project consists of the construction of a pervious paver parking lot adding 30 parking spaces, 2 picnic shelters (one 24- by 44-foot and one 16- by 16-foot), some additional sidewalks, accommodations for a playground and a 30- by 40-foot patio on the rear of the Freedom Park Interpretive Center.

Status of Project
Final inspections were completed in early March 2015 following delays waiting for final Dominion Power electrical connection. The work is complete and all facilities are available for use.
  • Civil Engineering Design - Complete
  • Architectural Design - Complete
  • Bidding Phase - Complete
  • Site Work - Underway
  • $385K Approved
  • David Nice Builders - $318,250
    • Contract Amount and percent completed - $318,250 - 100%
  • AES Consulting Engineers - $13,250
    • Contract Amount and percent completed - $13,250 - 100%
  • Hopke and Associates - $5,397
    • Contract Amount and percent completed - $5,397 - 100%
  • Archaeological and Cultural Solutions - $11,708
    • Contract Amount and percent completed - $ 11,708 - 100%


  • Design of site and architecture complete
  • First site plan review complete
  • Bidding completed
  • Archaeological review approved by state
  • Final site plan approved
  • Board of Supervisors authorized contract July 22
  • Pre-construction meeting held August 18
  • Site clearing and grading complete
  • Patio complete
  • Playground complete
  • Shelter pads poured
  • Stormwater complete
  • Electrical conduit installed
  • Replace misaligned sidewalk
  • Complete paver installation
  • Install structures
  • Shelter roof installed
  • Install structures
  • Shelter roof installed
  • Finalize electrical service
Project Issues
  • Work in areas of historical significance and in between existing infrastructure
  • Misaligned sidewalk
  • Delayed shelter fabrication at the factory
  • Winter weather

Phase 4 Improvements: Trails - July 2014

Scope of Work

As part of the approved James City County Parks & Recreation Bond Referendum, and in implementation of the Board Adopted 2002 Greenways Master Plan, improvements were planned and designed for the trails system to include a connection from Freedom Park Entrance Road to the existing trail on Jolly Pond Road which currently terminates at the Jolly Pond School Complex property line. This segment will utilize several previously constructed trail segments for interconnection and is partially funded by a matching grant through the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), Recreational Trails Program.

The trail will cross the Colby Swamp using an existing logging road and will replace deteriorated metal pipe culverts with concrete culverts and re-use the 70-foot-span steel bridge previously spanning the Lake Powell spillway to cross the concrete high flow spillway. The overall project is approximately 1.2 miles in length and will be asphalt paved sections with the 70-foot-wooden decked steel bridge. This segment of trail implements a portion of the Freedom Park Master Plan by connecting Freedom Park with Hornsby Middle and Blayton Elementary Schools, a planned connection to facilitate multipurpose trail access to the schools. Additionally, it implements one of the highest priority elements of the Gordon’s Creek Watershed Management Plan through improvements to the existing impoundment where the trail crosses Colby Swamp.

Status of Project

Trail construction in Phase 1 (50% of trail) from Jolly Pond Road to the Colby Swamp low water crossing was completed in September 2013 despite the frequent rains this summer. The concrete culverts have been installed replacing the deteriorated metal culverts at the Colby Swamp crossing. The concrete bridge abutments and spillway were completed and the bridge set in place. The Phase 1 trail is entirely paved with asphalt.

The Phase 2 (50% of trail) portion of trail from the swamp crossing to the Ellipse Garden was put on hold as a Phase 2 project due to impacts to endangered and threatened species. After the main trail contract was awarded, the grant money accepted and the contractor mobilized to the site, the Department of Conservation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service expressed concerns that the Small Whorled Pogonia colony shown on the plans was too close to the proposed trail. After a field visit with all concerned parties, it was decided that the impacts to the threatened species would be too great and that there were other options to relocate the trail. AES Consulting Engineers completed the new design of the realigned trail in October 2013. Henderson, Inc., provided a change order to complete the realigned trail which was 700 feet longer than the previously proposed alignment. JCC Parks & Recreation has received additional grant funding to cover most of the costs of realignment.

As of the end of April 2014, Phase 2 is substantially complete with Henderson, Inc. presently working on some minor punch list items. December 2013 and January - March 2014 were rainy and progress was stopped pending dry weather.


  • Construction Phase - 99% complete


  • $497K Approved
  • Henderson - $401,762
  • Number of Change Orders - 2
  • Amount of Change Orders - $63,487
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $441,987 - 95%
  • AES Consulting Engineers - $28,448
  • Number of Change Orders - 2
  • Amount of Change Orders - $2,120
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $30,568 - 100%
  • Additional Services - $30,781


  • Phase 1 (50% of trail) - Project graded, aggregate base and asphalt paving placed on entire Phase 1 trail.
  • Bridge abutment, spillway and bridge installation 100% complete.
  • Deteriorated corrugated metal culverts replaced with reinforced concrete pipe.
  • Phase 2 (remaining 50%) - Project graded and aggregate base placed on 90% of Phase 2 trail.
  • Trail is substantially complete.

Next Steps

  • Finish punch list items.
  • Remove erosion and sediment control structures once site is stabilized.

Project Issues

  • Threatened species impacts cause project to be realigned.
  • Work in environmentally sensitive areas along Colby Swamp.
  • Rainy weather and poor winter drying conditions.