Community Rebates & Mini-Grants

Maintaining Healthy Waterways

Citizens are the key to healthy waterways and a healthy environment. Small actions, done consistently, help everyone maintain the County’s high quality of life. Simply picking up after pets, disposing of oils and grease safely and planting more plants makes a difference in how our neighborhoods look and how we experience our environment.

To help citizens participate and contribute on a larger scale, either individually or as a group of neighbors, the County offers a variety of rebates, mini-grants and giveaways that promote activities to improve our community. Funding is limited so apply early.

Clean County Commission Good Neighbor Environment Grant

The Clean County Commission Good Neighbor Environment Grant provides funding to neighborhoods to accomplish a sustainable landscape or beautification project and promote community spirit. Applications are due by Sept. 1 of every year. Good Neighbor Grant Applications will be accepted, but due to COVID-19 impacts on County revenues funding awards may be delayed. For more information, call 757-259-5375. 

  • Up to $500 in funding may be provided per neighborhood

Clean Water Heritage Program

Clean Water Heritage Grant

The Clean Water Heritage Grant Program provides funding to homeowner associations and communities who own private stormwater infrastructure and want to repair it or need funding to maintain it.

Complete and submit a Clean Water Heritage Grant Application (PDF) by Sept. 8, 2023. Please read all application instructions before submitting. Applications may be submitted through email or printed and handed in to the office. For more information, please contact John Fuqua at 757-253-6785 or via email.


These resources are provided as guidance for individuals applying to the program to help them understand the program requirements and how to complete the various forms.

Clean Water Heritage