Stormwater & Resource Protection


The Stormwater & Resource Protection (SRP) Division is responsible for the application of established environmental ordinances, programs and policies before development occurs, during construction and after infrastructure is in the ground and operation. SRP implements programs to control storm runoff from development and protects residents, business, properties and County waterways. SRP also develops and implements capital improvements to address damage to County streams and waterways, ensuring they maintain their recreational uses. The MS4 state stormwater permit is also administered by SRP.

SRP assists citizens with questions and concerns regarding environmental management, management of storm runoff and the repair or maintenance of drainage structures, including privately-owned stormwater management facilities. Post-construction technical assistance workshops and grants may also be provided to stormwater infrastructure owners.

Clean Water Heritage Program

The Clean Water Heritage Program was established to equip citizens to make better decisions about actions that affect water quality, and informing them about services provided by the County’s Stormwater Program.

Be Septic Smart

Report Illicit Discharge

Know of an illegal illicit discharge in James City County? Report a complaint here.

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