Convenience Center Coupon Books

Purchase Locations

Coupons are $4* each and they are sold in books of 5 online or from the following locations:

Customers have the option to use credit cards at all convenience centers and to purchase coupon books. Effective July 1, 2022, and in line with most localities in Virginia, convenience fees will no longer be absorbed. A convenience fee of 2.95% will be added to all tax, recycling, landfill and accounting invoice payments made by credit/debit card whether in-person, online or by telephone. These fees are charged and collected by the County’s vendor providing this service and are not remitted to James City County at any time. The County will continue to absorb fees associated with ACH (eCheck) payments.

Coupon Charges

Coupons books will be mailed directly to residents and orders should be received within 3-4 business days. The charges (in coupons) are as follows:

  1. 1 Coupon
  2. 2 Coupons
  3. 3 Coupons
  4. 4 Coupons
  5. 5 Coupons
  6. No Charge
  • 60 gallons of household trash
  • 4 of the 30 gallon bags of leaves/yard waste
  • Twin mattress or twin box spring, furniture, or TV
  • Small pickup of natural woody debris (up to 4’x6’x16”)*
  • Small trailer of natural woody debris (up to 4’x6’x16”)*
  • 1 tire (off rim)
  • 4 lawnmower tires (off rim)

*An extra charge will apply for all vehicles and trailers with loads that are larger than 5’x8’x20” or that are overloaded (at the discretion of the Convenience Center Attendant).

Larger than Standard Vehicles

Due to limited space, any resident with a vehicle larger than a standard, full-size pick-up and/or trailer may be asked to dispose of their material at the Transfer Station and will be charged by weight.