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August 17, 2021 8:00 AM

September 17, 2021 - Daily Update

Building Safety & Permits
Good morning, Building Safety & Permits has 96 inspections for today, September 17, 2021.

Please note that the 2018 Codes became effective on July 1, 2021. If you wish to be reviewed under the previous code edition, you must state that on your permit application.

Inspection cancellations will NOT be accepted after 8 a.m. Inspectors are already on the road by 8 a.m. and their routes have been made.

The Building Safety & Permits Division had some new fees and changes to some existing fees start on Jan. 1. Among these fee changes are the following:

● Weekend or after-hours inspection fee
● Residential Certificate of Occupancy fee
● 30-day temporary Certificate of Occupancy fees
● Plan review fee due at time of application
● Plan review fee for work in a floodplain
● Tiered fees for multiple re-inspections-First Rej. $52.50/Second Rej. $105.00/Third Rej. $210.00
● Re-inspection fees must be paid before Certificate of Occupancy is issued

For questions about the new fees and fee changes, please contact the Building Safety & Permits Division at:

Reminder that approved plans must be on site for ALL inspections including trade inspections.

Please note that Sheathing inspections cannot be inspected with Air Barrier (House Wrap applied).


Re-inspection Policy
Please note that all re-inspection fees must be paid PRIOR to requesting a re-inspection.

Contact: 757-253-6626

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