How do I request public records from Constitutional Officers?
James City County’s elected constitutional officers: Commonwealth’s Attorney, Treasurer, Commissioner of the Revenue, Registrar and Sherriff and Circuit Court are the legal custodians of their own respective records, and have separate disclosure exemptions applicable to some of their records. If we receive a request for records that are held by one of those officials, we will refer the requester to that official.

Contact constitutional offices below:

Circuit Court Clerk
Mona A. Foley
Jennifer G. Bryant
757-564-2358 (direct)
757-564-2242 (main office)
Williamsburg/James City County Circuit Court
5201 Monticello Avenue, Suite 6
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Commissioner of the Revenue
Carol Ballard

David Hardin
757 564-2220

Andrew Binks

Voter Registration & Elections
Dianna S. Moorman

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10. How do I request public records from Constitutional Officers?